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Quick Roster

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Designed by Mub
Coded by Opserty

Firstly thank you for downloading this template. In order to use this template, one of the clantemplates.com affliate button located at the bottom left must remain in place, also the copyright located at the bottom of the template must not be removed. Doing so will void your license agreement which you agreed to when you downloaded the template.

Images included which you may need to edit

header_blank.gif - To add your clan name to the header
sponsor_blank.gif - To change the sponsor image on the right to whatever you would like.

The font in the header is Monotype Corsiva 48px, with a:

Stroke 3px, Opacity: 10%, Colour:#000000
Gradient Overlay: #6b2a07 to #371603

To edit the banner you will have to open header_blank.gif in a graphic editor then added you clan name and save it as header.gif. To edit the sponsor images, open sponsor_blank.gif and edit it using a graphic editor then save it as sponsor.gif . A roster_blank.gif has been included for you to add your own roster images, save it as whatever name you would like to.

To edit the roster images and get the information to show up on rollover you have to edit the code in 'Code' view. Go to line 48 and look for something like '<img src="....' now you will need to save your roster image with a name such as player_bla.gif then just change one of the "roster_img.gif" to the name of the file you just saved. Then as is shown above the code for the image edit the Javascript code to show the relavent information for each of the players.