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When you download this template, the "clanname" logo will not be there. The fonts will be included so you can add your own text with your favorite graphic editor. The text is shown there just to give you an idea of what you can do with this template. 

You will need to replace the topright.gif with the topright_blank.gif and add the text above the "socomclan" text.


Help & Buttons
If you need any help with this template please visit our forums and ask us. We'll be happy to help.

Empty menu buttons have been included. They are named as follows:

menu_blank.gif - normal menu
menu_blank_roll.gif - rollover menu



Font Install
The fonts have been included in the .zip file. Put the font files into c:\windows\fonts in order to use them in an image editor.

The following settings were used to get the effects on the sample images.

Phantom - Text size : 50 - Heading
EuroStile - Text size : 15 - Menu


Pick Your Poison

PS 2
PS 1
N 64




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