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Welcome - Posted by Bl1nk

Welcome to the Restricted template.
Open up 'empty_top.jpg' in a graphics editor and change it to your needs. Then replace it with the current one.

I've added a css style which arranges the text and links stuff. If you also want to customize your own scrollbar, change it yourself.
This is not a php news script. Install one yourself.. lol

I left some space in the horizontal navigation bar, so you can add your own stuff in there.

The psd's for the navigation bar are in this zip file. They are called 'Button_Normal.psd' and 'Button_Roll.psd'

I've also added an empty title bar, it's called 'Title_Bar.jpg' open it and add the title of the pages u are using.

Do not remove the 'Design by' text and linkage at the bottom, show us that you have some respect.


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Fonts - Posted by Bl1nk

'Restricted' font: Bell MT | 19px
'Menu' font: 04b_09 | 8px
'TitleBar' font: 04b_08 | 8px

Fonts included in the same folder as this html file.
Move them to your 'WINDOWS/Fonts' folder.

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