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  • ct v bad boys win
  • ct v google freaks win
  • ct v msn freaks win

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Adding Content

To create a new banner with your own clan name, open empty_banner.gif with a graphic editor, such as GIMP, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro etc. Then add your clan name in the same place as it is shown above and save it as banner.gif! If you want to add content using dreamweaver, type what you want then use the Format drop down box in design view to change it to a heading like the black and blue one above. To add content to the sides you need to create lists, with dreamweaver Text -> Lists -> Unordered List, to create more bars simply press enter.

To create a new navigation link copy this above line 54 and change the PAGENAME and LINK TEXT accordingly, make sure you copy both lines but do not edit the 2nd line.

<a href="PAGENAME">LINK TEXT</a>
<img src="images/nav_sep.gif" alt="sep" />

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