01/01/01: Test New Site
02/02/02: Post more news here
When you download this template, the LeGenD logo will not be there. The fonts will be included so you can add your own text with your favorite graphic editor. The text is shown there just to give you an idea of what you can do with this template. 

You will need to edit header.gif and add the text next to the flaming arrows.

More Text
Type here for extra news clippings, game headlines, or long articles. If you need more help with this template please don't hesitate to contact us on the message boards at Please do not redistribute this template without permission from provides free templates for online gaming clans. It ain't a clan if it ain't got a site.

We would appreciate if you link back to us. All help is appreciated. Clantemplates is in need of new hosting. Our current hosting does not give us many options to be of better service to gamers. If you can help please make sure to tell us. We will gladly work with any offers you come forth with.

Font Install

The font for the menu to the left is also included. Just add each new addition to your menu to all of your pages. Make sure you put the font files in c:\windows\fonts

Battlefield (size 20) > legend (main logo)
CgPhenixAmerican (size 12) > heroes come and go.. (slogan)
Alien League (size 15) > home, diplomacy.. (left menu)