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Firstly do not edit any of positioning of the coloumns/elements, they will fit together in the browser correctly. If the site is not being displayed properly in your editor it is a fault with the editor not the code so do not change anything other than the content.

Files included for editing:

  • empty_header.gif - save a header.gif
  • empty_side_heading.gif - save as whatever you would like

To create a new header with your own clan name, open empty_header.gif with a graphic editor, such as GIMP, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro etc. Then add your clan name in the same place as it is shown above and save it as header.gif!

Follow the same priciple to create new side headings, unfortunately the font used in the side headings is not freeware, therefore we cannot supply you with the font. Once edited save it as what ever you would like. You can find images of the shadow at side_shad_top.gif and side_shad_bot.gif for the top and bottom respectively.

To add more items to the list press enter on the last one in Design view and another should automatically appear.

To add a division line between paragraphs either go Insert->HTML->Horizontal Rule or use this peice of code:

<hr />  

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