Vanguard - Posted By: Psycrotic

You’ve just downloaded: Vanguard[template] from, designed by Psycrotic and coded by Xillion.
If you plan on using this free template it requires that you please leave the copyright design by Psycrotic @ below in it’s holder. Also leave the link banner to clantemplates somewhere on the site. Thank you, and enjoy Classified Matters.

Thank you for downloading the Vanguard[Template].

A blank header/banner and side title bars have been provided in the zip file for this release so you can add your own text, etc.

Simply open blank.gif in whatever program you use to add text to images and add your clans name or whatever you want on top the banner.

For the side title bars open blank-title.gif and put your own text so you can make more bars other than what has been provided to the right.

Have fun and good luck with your clan and its website. :)