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» Welcome! - written by bl1nk on 14/06/2004

Welcome to the FireWall template.
Open up 'empty_top' in a graphics editor and change it to your needs. Then replace it with the current one.

I've added a css style which arranges the text and links stuff. If you also want to customize your own scrollbar, change it yourself.
This is not a php news script. Install one yourself.. lol

The psd's for the navigation bar are in this zip file. They are called 'Button_Normal.psd' and 'Button_Roll.psd'

Do not remove the 'Design by' text and linkage at the bottom, show us that you have some respect.


» Fonts! - written by bl1nk on 14/06/2004

'Firewall' font: Microstyle Bold Extended | 48px
'Slogan' font: hooge 05_53 | 8px
'Vertical Menu' font: kroeger 05_53 | 8px (Bold)

Fonts included in the same folder as this html file.
Move them to your 'WINDOWS/Fonts' folder.