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Editing LeetSauce Template by QuikStar @ clantemplates.com

Firstly do not edit any of positioning of the coloumns/elements, they will fit together in the browser correctly. If the site is not being displayed properly in your editor it is a fault with the editor not the code so do not change anything other than the content.

In order to use this template, one of the clantemplates.com sponsor images located on the left must remain in place, also the copyright located at the bottom of the template must not be removed. Doing so will void your license agreement which you agreed to when you downloaded the template.

Images included which you may need to edit

  • side_left.gif - To create side headings for the left (like Latest matches)
  • side_right.gif - To create side headings for the right (like our servers)
  • nav_blank.gif - To create new navigation buttons
  • header_blank.gif - To add your clan name to the header

To edit the banner you will have to open header_blank.gif in a graphic editor then added you clan name and save it as header.gif. To edit the navigation links, open nav_blank.gif and edit it using a graphic editor then insert it into the template using a WYSIWIG html edit such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Insert -> Image. The font used is Swis721Cyrillic BT but do not ask for it we cannot give it to you. Size 18px, color #b3b3b3. Ensure that all the text in this content are is contained in Paragraph or <p> tags else it will not have the right spacing. For the black headings use Heading 1 or <h1></h1> HTML tags

To get a white bar on the side use a the style "odd" which can be selected from the style box in the properties bar in Macromedia Dreaweaver, this is also sometimes known as class.

Thankyou for using our template we hope you enjoy using our free items and spread the word to other clans!

Heading 1

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