The clan now has a new member.
He’s been recruited for the CS:S
Unit. So please everyone give
Knightmare a big welcome to the


The clan has a new server, if you
want admin contact Serenity or
Nakor about it. Also make sure to
read the clans COC, we’ve had
some complaints about...(more)

What match info? We don't play matchs were not a competative
clan at all people.


CT (1) vs. CN (0)
CT (1) vs. LS (0)
CT (2) vs. SS (1)


What a bunch of BALONY!

Global Strike Template Release:

You’ve just downloaded: Global Strike [Template] from, created by
Psycrotic. Now to edit the top left box to place your own clan name open "gbs_02r.gif" and put your own clan name in position. Then save "gbs_02r" as "gbs_02" to replace the current image with your own.

If you plan on using this free template it requires that you please leave the copyright design by Psycrotic @ below in it’s holder. Also leave the link banners to clantemplates and tl-designs somewhere on the site. Thank you, and enjoy Global Strike.

Thank you for downloading the Global Strike[Template].

Global Strike Template Release:

What's new with the Global Strike Template? Nothing really. Provided with this template is a flash header, but also a blank GIF image of the header for those that may not want to use the flash header. Also the flash header loads external text, so open the folder called clanname.txt and replace the Masters of Clans text with your own clan name.

Basic Features: Flash Header, GIF Header, Cascading Style Sheet, Index File, BigNoodles Font, GIF Layout Images, clanname.txt file

Also javascript rollover includes have been added to the website for link banner to appear GREY till a mouse rolls over them revealing full colour. The javascript does not work within FireFox and Mozilla, however it does work in every other browser available.

Clan War:

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