CT vs nUbs 1-0

CT vs nUbs 1-0

CT vs nUbs 1-0

CT vs nUbs 1-0

CT vs nUbs 1-0

Welcome to our new clan website.  We are a Battle Field 2 clan.  Our server IP is 69.696.969:6969, and our IRC is Gamsurge #reznap.  This site was designed by Dizzee of Clantemplates.com!!!!


New Members



New Site// Posted by Dizzee



Welcome to the new site... brought to you by Dizzee of Clantemplates.com!!!!!!



Directions// Posted by Dizzee



To change the banner you have two options, orange or green.  If you want the green one open up green.jpg if you want the orange one open up orange.jpg.  Then edit it with your favorite graphic editor and put your clan name.  Then you need to change the file name to  CT_BF2_02.gif and then put the image in the image folder to over right the original banner.



Lorem ipsum// Posted by Dizzee



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