TRANSMISSION: Stuff you might need // Reported by Barthezzz // 1819 - 02/12/03

To edit the Banner you will need the Font called "BN Year 2000".
You will find this font in the "ClanTemplates" folder that will be unzipped into the directory you this site in.
Simply drag the Font file into your "C:/windows/fonts" folder and your done.

Use the "BannerEmpty.tga" and "BannerCopter.tga" to edit the banner, The BannerEmpty has no background so you can pick one yourself. the BannerCopter has the helicopter found in the standard version of this this site.

Need Help? Feel free to leave a shout at the ClanTemplate Forums!

TRANSMISSION: Security Stuff // Reported by Barthezzz // 1819 - 02/12/03

In the last 24-48 hours, an Internet worm has started making the rounds, exploiting a recent vulnerability in the DCOM-RPC service in Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003. If your computer is exhibiting strange behavior, such as giving messages about RPC errors and shutting down on its own in about a minute after reporting a bunch of strange messages, then you are most likely being affected by it. Updating your virus scanner may not be of much use, as the worm will continue to attempt to re-infect your computer as long as the vulnerability exists. Updating your firewall MAY help, but the recommended solution is to IMMEDIATELY download and install the following patch:

Also, if you are affected, a removal tool is here:

Note that systems not connected to the Internet will not be affected by the worm, but should still be patched anyway as a precaution.

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